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Copywriters are essentially business writers, and are some of the most highly paid writers in the world. If you enjoy writing, copywriting may just be the ideal writing career for you. You can start and run a copywriting business working from home, and working the hours which suit you and your family.

Copywriting Tips: Confidential Secrets To Writing And Selling In 2014 -- Free Report

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Hi Fellow Copywriter

I'm so pleased that you're interested in copywriting, and I take joy in offering you this free report. I imagine that you have many questions, and I hope that this report will answer some of them for you.

What do copywriters do?

Essentially, copywriters write for businesses. They write: advertisements, Web copy (text on Web pages) press releases, catalogs, radio spots, audio visual material (for TV and film), speeches, reports, white papers... I could go on.

As you can imagine, businesses have huge communication needs, so copywriters write across a wide spectrum of communications. When you begin as a copywriter, there's no need to master everything, because you can learn as you write.

I've been writing copy for 30 years, and I still love it – I never look on it as work, because I love writing, and writing to get a message across for a client is a joy. Clients are great to work with – would you believe me if I told you I've only had one client who was difficult? Amazing – and he become a friend later.

Everyone's a copywriter now

Everyone's a copywriter in 2014. If you need to write for work, or for your business, the tips in this free report will help you. Enjoy.

Earn while you learn to become a copywriter

The explosive growth of the Web has meant that there's a demand for copywriters which has outstripped the supply. So if you decide to join us, you're starting your new career at the right time.

I hope you enjoy this report, and that you'll invest in my comprehensive copywriting guide and course. New copywriters have been starting their careers with this ebook for the past nine years.

If you need hands-on instruction, consider the Copywriting Master Class. It's fun, practical, and powerful. I look forward to welcoming you as a fellow copywriter soon. I wish you much success.

If you're a writer, you'll love my copywriting workshop just for writers.
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This free report is 20 pages in PDF form. It will help you to get started in the wonderful world of copywriting. Add your name and email, and the report's download link will be sent to your Inbox immediately.

Enjoy. :-)

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